Patty Clavio - LMHC, RPT-S


No one is prepared for all that life throws at them.  We find ourselves in circumstances that seem beyond our control.  We don’t know how we got there, and we feel helpless to change our condition. For instance, do you feel that others are controlling your emotions, or that you cannot control your future?  As a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, I can help you understand the path you took, and I can help you gain control of your thoughts and feelings, and ultimately your behaviors.

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Registered Play Therapist. I have worked as a therapist for over 12 years in different mental health facilities and in my own private practice.

I have extensive experience with children and parents dealing with issues of divorce. I can help parents understand their child’s behavior and teach them skills to assist them in raising their child. No one is born with these skills, and everyone can benefit from having someone to talk to who understands what you are going through. I work with all age groups on depression, anxiety, and fears. I also specialize in working with couples that are having difficulty in their marriage or relationship.

I have worked with battered women and distressed teens, and a myriad of people dealing with problems keeping them from living the life they deserve.

I am an empathetic and caring counselor who creates a non-judgmental environment so people are free to express themselves. I will work diligently with you to get a control of your problems and improve your life.