Louisa Etheredge - LMHC

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Licensed Mental Health Counselor


M.Ed. in Counselor Education – University of North Florida 12/1987

B.A. in Psychology – University of North Florida – 12/1979


Approaching the counseling process for the first time can be quite daunting for most people. Sharing personal, initimate information with a complete stranger can be intimidating for those seeking this kind of help for the first time. Those who have spent years in counseling due to ongoing issues can become tired of sharing their history again. Throughout my years in counseling I have observed the many benefits individuals and group members often experience when overcoming their initial reluctance, and start to experience the relief that can comes from sharing their fears, concerns, and losses with a caring professional. Those with more complicated ongoing problems, who persevere in seeking answers, are usually rewarded for their efforts with new perspectives, better methods for resolving life problems and an increased sense of well-being. Some problems will require persistence but a more rewarding and manageable life is worth the effort.

In addition to the education and professional experience counselors have to offer, most inevitably have personal histories of their own which further contribute to a non-judgmental and understanding environment where needed solutions can be found.

In addition to my formal education and counseling experience, my training and professional history has included familiarity with 12-Step Programs; therapy provided in school, church and military environments; and receiving a Special Studies Certificate in Biofeedback and Stress Management. I also received a letter of commendation from the U.S. Navy for researching and instituting the first Stress Management and Biofeedback Clinic for the Navy Family Service Center at Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, Florida. I have completed an extensive Hospital-Based Pastoral and Hospice training and have provided volunteer service in this area. I have worked with families who have experienced losses due to death, including suicide and received experiential training while attending the Grief Recovery Institute. I also facilitated the Post Suicide Assistance Group for Central Crisis Center in Jacksonville. I have worked with caregivers of chronically ill spouses or other family members, including those with closed head and traumatic brain injuries. I have many years of additional training and experience in treating a wide variety of psychological problems including depression, anxiety, and trauma due to abuse and other issues. Also my training and experience includes working with addictions and related dynamics in various treatment settings. I have provided therapy in private practice settings for over 10 years and facilitated an Adult Children of Alcoholics Therapy Group for over 5 years while in my own private practice. I have spent much of my career working with childhood behavioral disorders and have worked in Day Treatment environments with chronically emotionally disturbed and Autism Spectrum Disordered children and their parents.

I also currently utilize cognitive behavioral approaches, family therapy and spiritual approaches if desired by the client, psycho-educational material as well as Gestalt and experiential techniques, in order to effect positive change for clients. It is a privilege to be joining the staff at Mandarin Counseling, and I look forward to helping those who feel they can benefit from my training and experience.