Cindy L. Whitley - LMT, CMH


Licensed Massage Therapist - MA48692

Certified Master Herbalist


The Mandarin School of Chinese Medicine - graduated 1993

Remington College - graduated 2006

Global College of Natural Medicine - graduated 2009


Using plants for increased healing and wellness is successfully and safely practiced all over the world.  Most people don't realize that the many of the synthetic, prescription drugs offered to us are in fact, based on the naturally occurring chemicals in plants.  However, once these chemicals are isolated from the others naturally occurring in the same plant, side effects can occur.  The side effects that come from our prescription drugs also occur when the naturally occurring phytochemicals (plant chemicals) are synthesized for patenting and mass production. What I offer is a safe and effective solution through phytotherapy (plant therapy or medical herbalism.)  With phytotherapy, not only will you get the desired results, but you can also receive additional benefits to your health as well.

During your consultation, I will guide you towards which herbal extracts are most appropriate for your specific combination of conditions, keeping in mind any possible contraindications.  My practice focuses on using non-toxic medicinal plants.  Your increased health and happiness is my top priority.